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Natural Insemination

Natural insemination is the typical process by which a female gets pregnant. Insemination is the term used to describe the insertion of the male reproductive fluid into the female. Natural insemination is also known as sexual intercourse between a man and a woman which results in pregnancy.

Another form of insemination, artificial, skips the intercourse step and injects the necessary materials into the female. If you are trying to get pregnant, the IVF or IUI procedure is often the most common choice. Natural insemination requires the consent of two adults and falls into a legal gray area in regards to parental responsibilities. With anonymous artificial insemination, legal agreements exist which prevent the parents from holding donors responsible for their offspring.

Natural Insemination Donor

One of the most popular natural insemination donors is popular because he gives his services away for free. His name is
Trent and he is located in the Bay Area in California, USA. He usually helps lesbian couples who are trying to get pregnant. Typically, sperm donations come in through a sperm bank and the female is inseminated artificially through one of a number of methods, such as IVF or IUI. Furthermore, donors are usually anonymous; natural insemination makes anonymity impossible.

If you are interested in becoming a natural insemination donor or are looking for one, be sure to follow all local health regulations to give the pregnancy the greatest chance of success. There are numerous forums and websites on the Internet to help you get started.

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Natural Insemination Sperm Donor

There are many sperm donors who are available for natural insemination, rather than the typical artificial insemination offered by sperm banks and reproductive specialists. However, the process of natural insemination is less reliable than artificial methods. It is also not exactly legal.

There are numerous issues surrounding the parenting responsibility of the male, both financially and otherwise. Other forms of natural insemination that do not strictly involve sexual intercourse are known as "home insemination" and involve placing fresh sperm from a donor into the female reproductive system via a funnel type system. In this case, the sperm donor would need to be present at some point in time while the female is ovulating.

Natural Insemination Process

The process of natural insemination involves the male inserting his reproductive organ into the female and donating his sperm in hopes of fertilizing the egg. Many couples who cannot conceive due to any of a variety of reasons often opt for a form of artificial insemination such as IVF or IUI.

Natural insemination is often not an option due to the personal nature such an insemination requires. There are also a few "home insemination" kits which include various funnel like products which take advantage of gravity to get the donated sperm into the female before it becomes ineffective.

Natural Insemination Services

There are no commercially available natural insemination services available in the USA. This is because natural insemination is not something the government can regulate, and therefore it is a gray area of the law.

It is specifically illegal in some places to pay for such services, however, once again, the law is ambiguous on these matters. If you are trying to get pregnant and are interested in natural insemination services, it would benefit you to search locally.

It is also important to research the law in your area to make sure you are not violating anything on the books. Be wary of any service offering "completely legal" natural insemination services which charge a fee.