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When Are You Most Fertile

If you are trying to get pregnant, the single most important piece of information that you need in order to help the process along is when you are most fertile during your monthly cycle.

Although some people may think that you can get pregnant anytime that you want, there is actually a very small window each month in which the egg is released and available to be fertilized by the sperm. Learning and understanding this process is very important; if you aren't sure when you are most fertile, there are several items available for sale in pharmacies and supermarkets that will provide you with this information; these are called ovulation predictors.

When Are You Most Fertile In Your Cycle

Once a female goes through puberty, her body begins a monthly process that is designed to allow her to get pregnant and carry a baby. The cycle is designed so that an egg, which if fertilized becomes a baby, develops and is released once a month. This egg follows a journey from inside the ovary, to the surface of the ovary, down the fallopian tubes. It is in the fallopian tubes that the egg is available for fertilization by the man's sperm, and the egg is only in this opportune position for a few days.

Though each woman's cycle is slightly different, the average cycle lasts for twenty eight days, and the period of time when the egg is in the fallopian tube lasts for approximately five days. If a couple is trying to get pregnant, it is essential that they try to time their efforts to conceive so that the man's sperm can reach the egg during this window of opportunity.

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The best time is from three days before the egg is released to one day after. Before or beyond that time it is unlikely that fertilization will take place.

There are many ways to determine when ovulation is occurring. Some woman use a basal temperature thermometer, which tracks the body's resting temperature; your basal temperature changes when you ovulate, so tracking this will tell you exactly when the right time to try to conceive is.

Other women say they feel a twinge when they ovulate. Still others rely on available technology and purchase inexpensive fertility monitors and ovulation predictors at their local drug store; these are available without a prescription.

When Are You Most Fertile After Taking Clomid

If your physician has put you on a fertility medication like Clomid to stimulate ovulation, your
best way to get pregnant is to follow the same pattern as for normal fertility. This is because Clomid does not change your schedule, it just enhances it.

The drug's manufacturer indicates that they expect ovulation to happen between the fifth and tenth day after you have taken your last dose of the pill. The best thing to do is to try to conceive every other day starting on day five and continuing for seven days.

When Are You Most Fertile Calculator

Because you want to do everything possible to increase your
chances of getting pregnant, it is a good idea to make sure that you are trying to conceive on the days right before during and immediately after you ovulate.

If you need help figuring out the proper timing, there are several tools available to help you. In addition to fertility monitors and ovulation predictors, ovulation calculators are available online. If you simply input the first day of your last period for the last three months, these color-coded calculators can not only tell you when you should try to conceive, but even go so far as to indicate when you should take a pregnancy test.